You would think it were a natural disaster.

Friends are checking in with family, friends and loved ones across the country.

My social media feeds are filled with links of the best places to make donations.

Images of crying and devastated faces fill the media.

We are speaking of a national disaster.

You would think it were a natural disaster.

And maybe in some ways it is.

Maybe it is natural.

The reaction to divisions can be understood.

The divisions were created and amplified with intention.

We had prayed that our humanity would overcome our divisions.

But rather the country reacted as they had been taught to react when faced with division.

They saw the world as all being faced with their reality.

Even though others screamed in opposition.

Even though others risked their lives.

Even though others prayed.

Now though we must consider:

Why are our realities our so different?

Why do so many people feel so disenfranchised?

So disenfranchised they must put others in harms way, to regain their comfort?

But most urgently, how do we speak to these folks about this harm?

How do we move forward together from here?

Because we must.

We must move forward to regain our strength.

We must move forward from this human designed disaster.

We will not let oppressor created divisions stop us from fighting.

Because we will continue to fight. We will fight the good fight.