Tomi Lahren and feminism

Lahren has been pulled from the Blaze for being pro-choice. While, I can’t say I’m sad to know I’ll be seeing less clips of her popping up in my newsfeed, I can’t say I’m comfortable with why that is.

Lahren has been pulled for her opinion that small government policies apply to abortion policies as well. In terms of political ideology, makes sense to me.

But now, women are speaking about how we underestimated Lahren’s commitment to women’s rights or that she is a feminist or that we shouldn’t have been critiquing her. And that’s outrageous.

I would argue Lahren isn’t a feminist at worst and is a white feminist at best. But as an intersectional feminist, who disagrees with Lahren on many fundamental points, I can acknowledge that her being fired for her views on abortion sucks. Yeah, it really sucks. Women shouldn’t be fired for taking a stand for their reproductive rights. But that doesn’t give her a pass on all the other things she has said,and I don’t think we should be giving her that pass.

I can disagree with her. I can critique her. And still respect that she is a woman being handed an awful deal without giving her a pass for previous harm caused and it still means I’m a feminist.

So please let’s not hop on the bandwagon of claiming Lahren is a feminist icon, let’s continue our critiques.


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