I had another blog post in the works. It’s about half way done. But I couldn’t work on that until I had got my thoughts about the election out.

Today, I think of Trump’s words describing his ability to use fame and power to assault women. And I remember the other men I have encountered in my life who have tried to use power to assault women and how unsafe and betrayed I felt.

Today, I think of Trump’s comments towards Latinx and their communities using his position to disparage their role in the United States. And I remember the Latinx in my family and my life who I care about so deeply who are now looking at a country that elected a man who viewed them in this way.

Today, I think of Trump’s action mocking those with disabilities. And I remember how lucky I am to not have to consider a disability when planning my daily routines and I consider how this mocking being deemed acceptable will only make these daily routines more difficult for those who do take a disability into consideration.

Today, I think of Trump’s use of the Pocahontas stereotype. And I remember the Indigenous students I have known who faced stereotypes and racism in ways which have caused them to reconsider their goals and whether or not they belonged in the spaces they were in and succeeding in.

Today, I think of Trump’s rhetoric around Muslims. And I remember the wonderful Muslims I have had the pleasure of knowing and the racism and Islamaphobia they already face and I fear the backlash they may face from the legitimization of those sentiments by this election.

Today, I think of Trump’s choice of a Vice-President who believes in conversion therapy. And I remember the LGTBQ folks who have honoured me so much by coming out to me and speaking to me of the stigma and fear they face and I worry their American counterparts will have to be much more careful before having those conversations with folks in their lives.

Today, I think of Trump’s views on race and Black Lives Matter. And I remember the day I spoke about solidarity at a BLM protest and the conversations I was lucky enough to be a part of that day that showed me the reality of Black folks I will never be able to experience.

Today, I think of Hillary Clinton and her efforts to break the glass ceiling. And I remember every time I have been the only female in the room. I remember every time I have been masplained to and every time I have been underestimated because I am a woman. I remember how unsafe it can feel to question the status quo in a male dominated space. And I thank Hillary Clinton for bringing us so close to breaking that glass ceiling and for providing a solid set of shoulders for the next generation of female American politicians to stand on.

Today, I think of the United States and the clear divisions facing that country. And I remember that while Trump has been elected and I fully believe it is a step backwards, there is significant outrage and from this outrage conversations are happening and I hope from these conversations come change, motivation and one day empathy towards those with lived experiences you will never have.

Today, I think of Canada. And I remember we are not perfect and that many of the sentiments that lead to Trump’s rise exist here within Canada and it isn’t enough to feel thankful we don’t like in the US but rather we need to question these sentiments and divisions as they exist today in Canada.


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